Greetings Earthlings!

I am Beverly Kho living in North side, Manila.
My name means "Woman from the beaver meadow" which explains why I look like this.
I have once lived with Anne Frank back in the 1930's. I am allergic to powder and as a result, I have never felt non-sticky.
I have my own river named 'Emotion'. I have once felt isolated from this world and tried to fit in with the Egyptians.

If anybody has anymore questions beyond art, music, duplication, relevance, obsessions, literature,
heartbreak, disillusionment, love, death, the future, confusion, delusions, homosexuals, sleep machines,
mundanes, eco-friendly and vegetarians, please don't Google my name or ask your "friend who knows about me".
Call me at your Mom's house, I'll be there having a powder party.

Ok, enough about that. As you can see, this blog is filled with Incubus that's because
I AM a big big fan of them. I look up to them and they serve as my inspiration (Sometimes my distraction. Hi Brandon)

Besides BB and Incubus, I enjoy the sights of...

Oh, and by the way, if your not using Mozilla Firefox, you won't be able to view my posts.



"The world is a drought when out of love
Please come back to us
You're all of the above
I'm making a choice to be out of touch
Leave me be he said, he said, he said,
Leave me here in my stark, raving, sick, sad little world!"

"We're both aligned in framed of mind but circumstance has got us good
And now you’re seeing a side of me I wished no one ever would
Yeah, if it's right to pick a fight, we’re fingers in a sugar bowl
Love isn’t perfect, even diamonds start out as coal"

"Should I apologize
If what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?
Oh, did I crack your shell?
When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!"

"I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal
When will we learn? When will we change?
Just in time to see it all come down..."

"Was it something I said
Something I read and manifested that's getting you down
Don't you dare come to bed with that ambiguous look in your eye
I'd sooner sleep by an open fire and wake up fried"

"There's something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me twice that I was alive
And it reminded me that you're so worth the fight"

"Could there be a familiar ring every time I sing about.
Cycle the tears everything in life no doubt I, I.
Reiterate till my jaw is offset,
But I'll say it again anyway,
What you give is what you get!"

"I take a look around; it´s evident the scene has changed.
And there are times when I feel improved, improved upon the past.
Then there are times when I can´t seem to understand at all
and yes it seems as though I´m goin nowhere...
really fucking fast, nowhere fast."

"I'm thinking of my soul severity
And I know everything you hate in me
Fill me up with over-pious badgerate
Throw them up; one of my favorite things"

"I hear you on the radio
You permeate my screen, its' unkind but
If I met you in a scissor fight
I'd cut off both your wings on principle alone"

"Hello!? I'm trying to focus
But my eyes deceive me.
Focus. I'm witnessing history...repeating."

"Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,
would, in the blink of an eye, manifest and become illustrated.
You'd be sure man that every line drawn reflected a life that you loved
not an existence that you hated.
So, must we demonstrate that we can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture, now we're drowning in the paint.
Let's figure out what the fuck it's about,
before the picture we painted chews us up and spits us out."

"There'd be no one to answer to
and complicate our lives,
we could be
the epitome of self sufficience."

"It isn't fair to mention, but it awes the crowd
Your fictional, plastic alibi
So take another hit, steal another line
Did you ever meet a leech who was good at goodbyes?"

"In my fantasy, I’m a Pantomime
I'll just move my hands and everyone sees what I mean
Words are too messy, and it’s way past time
To end in my mouth paint my face white and tried
To reinvent the sea, one wave a time
Speak without my voice and see the world by candlelight"

"I saw you standing in my headlights
I thought I’d run you down for the weight you left on me
Instead I punched rewind, reversed and drove away
And seeing you disappear in my rear view
brought to me the word 'reciprocity'"

"You stare at me like I'm a vitamin.
On the surface you hate,
but you know you need me.
I come dressed as any pill you deem fit.
Whatever helps you swallow the truth
all the more easily"

"My secret arsenal
is an infinite, ageless inkwell
it's a fountian of youth
and a patriot's weapon of choice."

"Enough bowing down to disillusion
Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution
The ripple effect is too good not to mention
If you're not affected, you’re not paying attention
It's too good, it's too good, not to have an effect"

"I see you in line, dragging your feet
you have my sympathy.
The day you were born, you were born free.
That is your privilege."

"Mend this careless thread, it's gone askew
(Thread on my sweater is pendulous, step back and pull it
Watch it unravel faster than a speeding bullet)"

"I'm at the end of my report again
For those who won't do apathy
You had the perfect opportunity
But plead the fifth and walked away"

"What if I was just dreaming? What if I lived in a pear?
What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg."

"Disconnect and let me drift until my upside down is right side in
Society must let the artist go to wander off into the nebula"

"Two weeks without my lover,
I'm in this boat alone
Floating down a river named Emotion
Will I make it back to shore or drift into the unknown."

"If this is right, I'd rather be wrong.
If this is sight, I'd rather be blind."

"Out of line, and indivisible
A crow left of the murder
Every piece contains a map of it all"

"You came, you saw, you conquered...everyone
And I'm left here guessing
Oh what went wrong"

"Kiss the sand goodbye because
the tide is coming up and in
yeah, water, water, water everywhere
and every chance to sink!"

"High fives to a better judgment
By saying less today, I will gain more
Low twos to you my fickle friend
Who brought the art of silent war"

"Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people fall in love and find quicksand
I hover somewhere in between
I swear…
I can’t make up my mind."

"Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you
Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap and the net will appear."

"I dream
that someday we'll be able to look back
on this together and say
It was for the best and that it
made us stronger today."

"All of my life
Where have you been
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comes
I know we could win
I wonder if I'll ever see you again."

"He said Hey Sister.
It’s really really nice to meet ya.
I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who’s just my type.
I like the way he’s speaking his confidence is peaking.
Don’t like his baggy jeans but Imma like what’s underneath it.
And no I aint been to MIA
I heard that Cali never rains and New York heart awaits.
First let’s see the west end.
I’ll show you to my bridrens.
I’m likin' this American Boy. American Boy."

"You better think fast, think fast
'Cause you never know what's coming round the bend.
You better not blink, or breathe.
For consequence is a bigger word than you think."

"Put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lover's lips
And know that fate is what you make of it."

"'Cause' what I want
and what I need
is and will always be free."





Friday, April 25, 2008 ' 3:05 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Bad lyrics of the year!

Brandon Boyd - Sacha Sacket

This is a song written after my . Good melody, bad lyrics.
Sacha Sacket is the name of this guy. According to him, he went to high school with B, and was actually friends with him. But according to the man himself during an interview with NU Rock (See March 16 post), he didn't knew a guy named Sacha Sacket.

Hm, weird huh? Maybe this dude is obsessed as I am. Hahaha! Guess I should right a song about B. Oh men, I'm getting obsessed and obsessed by the minute!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008 ' 11:42 AM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Get your pants and GO!

Last week I went to the new Greenbelt 5. It was so high-end! I felt like I was in YFC Mall in Hong Kong. I bought a dress from Kate Torralba. It was a unique and fancy dress. Not the type that I would normally wear, but for a change diba?

So, we went shopping. Saw some P4000 tank tops, P16000 - P25000 dresses, and you don't wanna know the rest. Very tragic. Haha!

I was eye-ing on a blue loose top with scarf, a pair of blue skinny jeans and this rugged torn up denims. I'll buy those when I'm with Dad. Kikiki.

We went to the urban bazaar in Rockwell after. Bought some good stuff. Oh yea! I bought a top / dress from Store For All Seasons. Mich Dulce was there, selling. She was so nice and so is her mom. My mom bought a lot of stuff from her while I was 'making chicka' Mich's mom. hahaha! Then I bought jewelry from the Koreans. Haha! Super cute stuff.

Sorry for this braggy post. Hehe.

Btw, I'm currently into Korean fashion and like the ones you see in Hong Kong. ;)


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Monday, April 21, 2008 ' 7:50 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Beach blanket beatdown!

Day 1

We went to Anvaya Cove, Subic again last week. I invited Bea! She's the only person that I know na papayagan. Haha. Let's rephrase that, she's ONE of the people na alam kong papayagan. Asusual, I felt barfy again while traveling. Ugh, hate that feeling. Me and Bei took a gazillion shots at the beach. We can't help it! the backdrop was soooo beautiful!

Night swimming!


There's this funny bartender. Asusual memorize ko nanaman ang conversation. Hahaha.

Bea: "Isang vanilla cream."
Bevs: "Um, isang mango-buko sakin."
Bartender: *prevents laugh* "Ah, maam, pwede mango shake nalang?"
Bevs: "Ha? bakit?"
Bartender: "Di ako marunong gumawa ng iba eh."

*Right. Kakagawa mo lang kaya ng buko juice kanina. hahaha*

Bevs: "Eh, yoko ng mango shake eh."
Bartender: *Gets Bea's ice cream*
Bevs: "Ano ba yung KAYA mong gawin?"
Bartender: "Ah, mango shake lang po."
Bevs: "Nice, sige na nga, mango shake na nga lang."

Wow, BARTENDER nga. Haha!

So after that, haha! We with Mom, Aunt E, Uncle Gene, Kuya Pao and Baron, checked a couple of beach houses. It was super nice, I felt like I was in California. Parang pag-gising mo, go out the balcony and you'll see the view of the sun and the water. Nice. After that, we went to this hanging 'brids' (According to the tourist. Hahaha.) Pwede pa nga raw nag-dive dun eh.


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' 2:15 AM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

We miss you too.

Pause at 0:26, Brandon so cute. Hahaha.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008 ' 8:56 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

I love Mike♥

(click picture for larger image)

(click picture for larger image)

Mike Einziger just accepted my invite in his MySpace! Ok, now he knows that there's a Beverly Kho existing in the planet. Haha! Happy happy happy! I've always wanted to add him dati pa but dati kelangan ng last name and when I key in "Einziger", mali. Ngayon pwede na siya i-add. Just type in a message. Haha! Thanks Mike! You made my day♥

Why the hell is MySpace in Latin??? Hahaha!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008 ' 11:22 AM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...


Currently at Anvaya Cove, Subic. Super super super init sa labas! It burns! So, dito muna kami ni Bea sa game room, nagpapaka-loser. Haha! We will go to this hanging bridge thing whatever later. Yey! Hahaha.
I'll blog about our trip when I get home.


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Monday, April 14, 2008 ' 7:43 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Egis E'rp naman oh!

Ignore the "Just a phase" post. Mashado lang ako galit niyan, basta malabo, pabago-bago kasi. Haha! I'm weird. Pakingan niyo nalang to para sumaya buhay niyo. Okay? Hehe. Enjoy!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008 ' 7:34 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Pathogens Born Of Wormy Interludes

Now naiintindihan ko na yung mga kids ngayon na walang sawa kaka-sagot ng survey. Kahit saan akong site pumunta, surveys, surveys, and more surveys! Dati di talaga ako mahilig as in wala talaga ako sinasagutan. Pero pag wala ka talaga ginagawa, masaya rin pala sumagot paminsan-minsan. Haha! Haba, nag-interlude pa ko. Eto na, got this from Pam Cayanan's blog

40 Secrets About Yourself. Be honest no matter what..

[One] Who was your last phone call from (answered, unanswered?)
Ayoko na kunin phone ko, katamad.

[Two] Where was your default picture taken?
Dito sa blog? Prom.

[Three] What's your middle name?

[Four] When is your birthday?
October 1

[Five] Does your crush/girlfriend/boyfriend like you back?
Wala ako totoong crush ngayon eh ;)

[Six] What is your current mood?

[Eight] What color shirt are you wearing?

[Nine] Do you love your mom as much as you love your dad?
Shemps :)

[Eleven] Do you have a crazy side?
Meron. Pero di ko mashado ginagamit. Hahaha

[Twelve] Ever had a near death experience?
Lahat naman tayo eh

[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?

[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
Tamang tama, OO.

[Fifteen] Fav. month?

[Sixteen] Name someone with the same birthday as you?
Yea, I'd rather not.

[Seventeen] When was the last time you cried?
Kanina. Kasi naman eh...

[Eighteen] When was the last time you went to the doctor?
Tagal na

[Nineteen] If you could have one super power what would it be?
I cannot chose between a power to rewind time or invisibility. Both useful.

[Twenty] What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?
Hair or moves ;)

[Twenty-one] What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Di ako ma-Starbucks eh.

[Twenty-two] Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Stage. haha!

[Twenty-three] Who are you missing?
My heroes.

[Twenty-four] Favorite TV show?
Now? Gossip Girl.

[Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy movies?
I hate cartoons.

[Twenty-six] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

[Twenty-seven] Ever been in handcuffs?
Toys, dati.

[Twenty -eight] Whats your favorite smell?
Smell of spa and bagong ligo. Mmmm.

[Twenty-nine] Describe your life in one word.
Mahirap but kakayanin ko. Yak. haha!

[Thirty] Have you ever kissed in the rain?
I wish. hahahahaha

[Thirty-one] Ever kissed on the beach?
I wish again. Hahahaha

[Thirty-two] What are you thinking about right now?
Why why why? Double meaning yan.

[Thirty-three] What should you be doing right now?
Having my money refund for the salon na palpak.

[Thirty-four] Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?

[Thirty-five] What are you currently listening to?
Wala, Tv?

[Thirty-six] Do you like working in the yard?
Depende sa yard. hahaha

[Thirty-seven] Plans for the evening?
Evening gown.

[Thirty-eight] Would you ever like to skydive?
This is included in my mental 'Things I wanna do before I die' list.

[Thirty-nine] What is your natural hair color?
Black siguro

[Forty] Who was the last person to make you smile?

Wait, mali yung numbering. 39 lang to. Haha!

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' 2:19 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Demand It!

Love the new DVD? Well, Incubus are touring overseas right now, but they want to know where you'd like to experience it in person! Demand them in your city and let them know where you want their next tour to go!

Pls! Mag-demand na kayo! 12 palang nagde-demand satin! sa iba 700+ na! hahaha.
Got this from: http://rjoydodoi.multiply.com/journal/item/29/Bring_Incubus_Back?replies_read=4

Events by Eventful

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Friday, April 11, 2008 ' 7:41 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

It's just a phase

....It will be over soon

I am currently chatting with Innah. God! I miss this girl! She's one of the people that truly understands me. She has the right term for everything!

I have this issue...I just don't get it. Of course kami lang ni Innah makaka-gets nito or maybe other people. Basta, you know me, I hate being left alone. It's like everybody's getting free candy and I'm not. Ok, labo. Basta, you get me.
The feeling that you think everything's in the right position but still, there are loose ends. I hate it! Like what Innah said, "They enjoy tormenting you."
Yun ang di ko magets eh, we should enjoy tormenting other people that we're not close to, not enjoy tormenting each other! I know that sounds mean, but ganun naman kami dati eh. In simple terms, they are enjoying the fact that they know something that you don't know. It's just frustrating. We barely spend time together or talk to each other, I just miss the old times when I get to tell everything that's on my mind and laughing about random stuff. Basta, we still do that but iba na. It feels different.

Ok, eto na ang main point, I feel like I'm replaced and I feel like everything's fine but not the way it supposed to be. Ah basta! malabo.
Parang I can't talk about me. As in what I'm currently in to, what I've been obsessing with, coz it won't matter.
Like what B said, "It's just a phase, It will be over soon..."
Hopefully, it will be over soon.

Hay, if only Ruth and Innah were here, I wouldn't care about all this crap coz I have them! Oh well, I guess things do change.

I just had to include this, It's We not I. Di lang pala ako nag-iisa.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008 ' 9:11 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Mukha kang sofa.

Currently listening: "Mukha kang sofaaaaaaa...." - Random contestant in TV

Hahaha. It seriously made me laugh, I'm watching the auditions for PDA right now. Haha.

Grabe boring sa bahay. Boredom makes me grumpy. I fight with everybody here in the house. Well, di naman fight, tinatarayan lang. Hahaha. Kasi naman, bat ang boring? Lalo tuloy ako nao-obsessed kay Brandon kasi wala nga akong magawa, ano pa ba pede gawin kundi mag-computer at mag search ng Incubus and Brandon stuff para aliwin ang sarili ko. Haha! At dahil boring nga, I'll just make a list of things that I wanna do this summer. Haha!

1. South Beach diet
2. Get a new hair do
3. Beach with friends
4. Buy a DSLR cam (Oo na Luis, gaya gaya na. Haha!)
5. Drum lessons
6. Dance lessons / Boxing lessons
7. Skateboarding and Surfboarding, two things I wanna learn since forever!
8. Find a Brandon Boyd look-alike. This, I gotta pursue!

Yan na muna, Wag mashado marami at baka...hay nako.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008 ' 11:47 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Stephen King is EEEEEVIIIIL.

In a good way though. Haha. I just watched the movie "The Mist" directed by Stephen King. At first I thought it was one of those dumb nonsense horror movies like "Slither" haha! But no, no, no! It's not. I don't wanna be a spoiler or anything basta watch out for the ending! very 'nakakatulala'. Stephen King movies and novels (According to my Mom) all has shocking and regretting endings. This director is indeed a killer! haha. Hanggang ngayon stuck parin sa head ko yung ending. Di mo alam kung maiiyak ka o ano. haha. Basta this is a must watch!

By the way, I just finished compiling my Incubus concert videos a couple of nights ago. I made my very own bootleg! woohoo! "Drive" and "Talk Shows On Mute" are incomplete. I keep on falling down my chair and I was extra wild that night kaya super shaky. I'll post it SOON! Promise!

"Quicksand" video clip was downloaded from Maria Teresa's Multiply site. It was the intro song. I wasn't able to shoot that song since I was too shocked. Oh, and I was crying from happiness that time. Wahahaha!

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