Greetings Earthlings!

I am Beverly Kho living in North side, Manila.
My name means "Woman from the beaver meadow" which explains why I look like this.
I have once lived with Anne Frank back in the 1930's. I am allergic to powder and as a result, I have never felt non-sticky.
I have my own river named 'Emotion'. I have once felt isolated from this world and tried to fit in with the Egyptians.

If anybody has anymore questions beyond art, music, duplication, relevance, obsessions, literature,
heartbreak, disillusionment, love, death, the future, confusion, delusions, homosexuals, sleep machines,
mundanes, eco-friendly and vegetarians, please don't Google my name or ask your "friend who knows about me".
Call me at your Mom's house, I'll be there having a powder party.

Ok, enough about that. As you can see, this blog is filled with Incubus that's because
I AM a big big fan of them. I look up to them and they serve as my inspiration (Sometimes my distraction. Hi Brandon)

Besides BB and Incubus, I enjoy the sights of...

Oh, and by the way, if your not using Mozilla Firefox, you won't be able to view my posts.



"The world is a drought when out of love
Please come back to us
You're all of the above
I'm making a choice to be out of touch
Leave me be he said, he said, he said,
Leave me here in my stark, raving, sick, sad little world!"

"We're both aligned in framed of mind but circumstance has got us good
And now you’re seeing a side of me I wished no one ever would
Yeah, if it's right to pick a fight, we’re fingers in a sugar bowl
Love isn’t perfect, even diamonds start out as coal"

"Should I apologize
If what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?
Oh, did I crack your shell?
When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!"

"I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal
When will we learn? When will we change?
Just in time to see it all come down..."

"Was it something I said
Something I read and manifested that's getting you down
Don't you dare come to bed with that ambiguous look in your eye
I'd sooner sleep by an open fire and wake up fried"

"There's something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me twice that I was alive
And it reminded me that you're so worth the fight"

"Could there be a familiar ring every time I sing about.
Cycle the tears everything in life no doubt I, I.
Reiterate till my jaw is offset,
But I'll say it again anyway,
What you give is what you get!"

"I take a look around; it´s evident the scene has changed.
And there are times when I feel improved, improved upon the past.
Then there are times when I can´t seem to understand at all
and yes it seems as though I´m goin nowhere...
really fucking fast, nowhere fast."

"I'm thinking of my soul severity
And I know everything you hate in me
Fill me up with over-pious badgerate
Throw them up; one of my favorite things"

"I hear you on the radio
You permeate my screen, its' unkind but
If I met you in a scissor fight
I'd cut off both your wings on principle alone"

"Hello!? I'm trying to focus
But my eyes deceive me.
Focus. I'm witnessing history...repeating."

"Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,
would, in the blink of an eye, manifest and become illustrated.
You'd be sure man that every line drawn reflected a life that you loved
not an existence that you hated.
So, must we demonstrate that we can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture, now we're drowning in the paint.
Let's figure out what the fuck it's about,
before the picture we painted chews us up and spits us out."

"There'd be no one to answer to
and complicate our lives,
we could be
the epitome of self sufficience."

"It isn't fair to mention, but it awes the crowd
Your fictional, plastic alibi
So take another hit, steal another line
Did you ever meet a leech who was good at goodbyes?"

"In my fantasy, I’m a Pantomime
I'll just move my hands and everyone sees what I mean
Words are too messy, and it’s way past time
To end in my mouth paint my face white and tried
To reinvent the sea, one wave a time
Speak without my voice and see the world by candlelight"

"I saw you standing in my headlights
I thought I’d run you down for the weight you left on me
Instead I punched rewind, reversed and drove away
And seeing you disappear in my rear view
brought to me the word 'reciprocity'"

"You stare at me like I'm a vitamin.
On the surface you hate,
but you know you need me.
I come dressed as any pill you deem fit.
Whatever helps you swallow the truth
all the more easily"

"My secret arsenal
is an infinite, ageless inkwell
it's a fountian of youth
and a patriot's weapon of choice."

"Enough bowing down to disillusion
Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution
The ripple effect is too good not to mention
If you're not affected, you’re not paying attention
It's too good, it's too good, not to have an effect"

"I see you in line, dragging your feet
you have my sympathy.
The day you were born, you were born free.
That is your privilege."

"Mend this careless thread, it's gone askew
(Thread on my sweater is pendulous, step back and pull it
Watch it unravel faster than a speeding bullet)"

"I'm at the end of my report again
For those who won't do apathy
You had the perfect opportunity
But plead the fifth and walked away"

"What if I was just dreaming? What if I lived in a pear?
What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg."

"Disconnect and let me drift until my upside down is right side in
Society must let the artist go to wander off into the nebula"

"Two weeks without my lover,
I'm in this boat alone
Floating down a river named Emotion
Will I make it back to shore or drift into the unknown."

"If this is right, I'd rather be wrong.
If this is sight, I'd rather be blind."

"Out of line, and indivisible
A crow left of the murder
Every piece contains a map of it all"

"You came, you saw, you conquered...everyone
And I'm left here guessing
Oh what went wrong"

"Kiss the sand goodbye because
the tide is coming up and in
yeah, water, water, water everywhere
and every chance to sink!"

"High fives to a better judgment
By saying less today, I will gain more
Low twos to you my fickle friend
Who brought the art of silent war"

"Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people fall in love and find quicksand
I hover somewhere in between
I swear…
I can’t make up my mind."

"Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you
Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap and the net will appear."

"I dream
that someday we'll be able to look back
on this together and say
It was for the best and that it
made us stronger today."

"All of my life
Where have you been
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comes
I know we could win
I wonder if I'll ever see you again."

"He said Hey Sister.
It’s really really nice to meet ya.
I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who’s just my type.
I like the way he’s speaking his confidence is peaking.
Don’t like his baggy jeans but Imma like what’s underneath it.
And no I aint been to MIA
I heard that Cali never rains and New York heart awaits.
First let’s see the west end.
I’ll show you to my bridrens.
I’m likin' this American Boy. American Boy."

"You better think fast, think fast
'Cause you never know what's coming round the bend.
You better not blink, or breathe.
For consequence is a bigger word than you think."

"Put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lover's lips
And know that fate is what you make of it."

"'Cause' what I want
and what I need
is and will always be free."





Saturday, May 31, 2008 ' 12:06 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Things come when you least expect it.

My dad used to own these vintage SLRs way way back. I just recently found out that he was very much into photography during his teenage years. Complete pa yan with the lenses, tripod, etc. Smells kinda funky na nga eh sa sobrang luma. Smells like books kept from the 1940's. Haha, exaaaage. I found the bag which contains all these vintage camera stuff earlier this morning right beside my bed. Does it mean that it's mine? Hope so. Bwahaha. But using these cameras is not a joke, you have to know all the camera techniques and all that. Di pwedeng pa-banjing banjing lang. Hehe.

My week has been overflowing with material things. First, was the Olympus E410 SLR that I was talking about in my previous posts. Second, he gave me and my sister our own laptops for no particular reason. My sister, because she just had her birthday. And me? Ugh...Daddy just loves me! Hahaha. It's an HP 2133 Mini-note PC.

Third, was the vintage cameras. See? OVERFLOWING! Can't breathe! hehehe, loko lang.

And oh yeah, what the hell?! I just had another "Incu dream" last Thursday night!
It was about Mike Einziger. For a change, B was NOT in this dream.
WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THESE CONSECUTIVE DREAMS??? Does it mean that...Oh, never mind. Things appear when you least expect it. Right?
Ok, I know you guys are sick of my "Incu dreams" but what the hell?! I'm still going to tell it anyways. Hehe.
So It went like this, I was in this small house in this small village. The village and the house was not so nice, kinda dirty. My family went for a swim 'cause the clubhouse was just blocks away. I said that I would follow.
So, I was waiting for Mike to come. Waiting, waiting...
So he finally came. I was so hyper. I welcomed him with a biiiigggg, "MIIIIKKKKKEEE!" then hug. I even gave him a back massage 'cause he said that he was tired from traveling. So we talked and talked and talked. He was so flirty and very touchy. Hehe. And I flirted back. Weee. After that looong chat, I saw someone, (I'm not going to tell who basta she's in my links, somewhere in the last. Go figure.) I winked at her, and that wink has a meaning. hahaha. I went to the clubhouse to go for a swim. I found Mom there and told her about how sweet Mike was, and guess what she said to me? "Nag-toothbrush ka ba? di maganda amoy eh." Parang ako, "SHIIIT!" I shrank right in that moment. Imagine what Mike would've thought. Good thing it was just a dream. And yes, I do brush my teeth DAILY. Hahaha. Nice dream nalang.

I am trying NOT to think about school right now even though I have at least one more week left of vacation.

Good luck wicked beings!

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Monday, May 26, 2008 ' 4:31 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Through the years...

...Incubus has evolved their music and the way I see it, it sounds genius no matter what era. Enjoy ;)

Incubus back in '97, "Take Me To Your Leader", a single from their first album. "Fungus Amongus"

Incubus last '07, "A Kiss To Send Us Off", a single from their recent album, "Light Grenades"
this clip was taken from their
"Look Alive" DVD

Even though their music has changed through time, they still have that "touch of Incubus", as I may call it, in their sound.

...and can I just add this? Brandon's "taong grasa" look in '97 is sooo HOT, complete with the dreads and that looong sexy torso. Aaah...I love it.
ONE of Brandon's best. In my opinion ;)

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Thursday, May 22, 2008 ' 3:45 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

I've gotta rid myself of this idiot box!

For the past weeks, my vision only sees keys of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, etcetera etcetera. I feel like I'm trapped in this box but only me and no one else will make dreams in my mind real.

Ok, I won't complain about how senseless and boring my summer is.
It's not any body's fault, I'm pretty lazy myself. Now, I officially have less than 3 weeks to make the most out of my summer. GREAT.
If I'm not watching TV, I surf the net and vice versa and in between those, I eat.

But hey, I'm not like in jail or anything. I go out a few times, a lot of times actually. But that's not enough for me. I wanna travel and explore and FLY! hahaha. Take a look at Patty Laurel's
recent post. Now, that's what you call LIFE.
I can't help but feel envious of people like her.
I'm not saying my life is horrible or anything, I'm just saying that someday, I wanna live and explore.

Now, as a result of my 'oh-so-outgoing-hobby' of surfing the net, I found these videos from

This is a great example of living 'the life' and having that freedom.

Check it out.

Experience Philippines! Ep.1

Experience Philippines! Ep.2

Experience Philippines! Ep.3

3:17 - onwards. The best.

Hahahaha. Someday, I will make something like this ;)

Anyways, I HATE promises here and there that are not granted. Mmkay? Now you know.

Oh yeah, I might add, having colds and cough at the same time is the worst feeling ever. I went to Island Cove two days ago and massive number of flies were attacking my legs. Hope this is not a case of dengue. Oh please Lord, not again!

Happy 21st Birthday Ate Cha!
Belated Happy Birthday Mara!

Don't forget to fly kids! hahaha.
Ciao Earthlings!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008 ' 6:57 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Watching too much TV is sometimes an advantage.

Few days ago, I went to school to finish some stuff then me, mom and her friend went to Alabang to check some houses that are for sale. First house that we checked was Pops Fernandez's home and woah, it had tons of things! couches everywhere!

Pops by the way is a friend of my mom's friend. So yea, we're not a bunch of random people just trying to check out a "celebrity's" humble abode. The place was nice when the stuff are all cleared. We went to the rooms and Pop's room. She was nice and very soft spoken and she looks different in TV. Younger.

Nanunuod ba kayo ng "The Buzz!"? Kung OO, alam niyo na kung sino nakita ko sa room ni Pops ;) Hahaha. Aba malay ko bang sila! hahaha.

We went to their living room and talked about the conditions of the house. Suddenly out of the blue, my mom's friend acted like some kind of a "fangirl" kay Pops...and sorry to say but nahiya ako para sakanya 'cause we're there to check her house not to have a meet and greet session then sunod naman nanay ko, she whispered to me, (na medyo malakas ah) "Pa-picture ka kay Pops, Dali!" then I said "No!" then super pilit siya so I gave her a look which says, "Oh no you didn't Mom!" Pops was kind enough naman, sabi pa nga niya, "Nako, itsura ko naman." hahaha.

We checked out another house, it was nice but not so impressive.

Went to Pat's pad after. We watched special episodes of Gossip Girl that included "Georgina" played by Michelle Trachtenberg. Ate dinner and Pat tried on her new make-up on me. Smokey eyes ;) I had to leave.
Thanks P! I had fun!

Mara was supposed to come here last night to get her Havs and so we could chill narin but she didn't 'cause she was late for a debut.
Thanks Mara! I waited hours for you to come! hehehe. Loko lang.

Oh and by the way, saw a super duper model-ish American guy in Market! Market! today. He was buying fruits and I was staring at him and my mom pointed, "Uy! bili tayo ng fruits dun oh!" Nasa isip ko, "Yes! yes!" hahaha! Kinikilig pa yung mga seller. Wahaha.

Oh and I hate Market! Market! super crowded and lots of get-out-of-my-way-people, number 1. Number 2, number of people were doubled just 'cause Six Cycle Mind was playing. Oh great, just what I needed, to hear Six Cycle Mind Live! wahaha.
Never ever go there. Buying fruits is an exception ;) hahahaha!

Happy Birthday Gim!

ES: "No saliva please."

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Thursday, May 15, 2008 ' 12:49 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

"...so don't let the world bring you down..."
(Scroll down to find out!)

I haven't updated for quite some time now. So, eto na mga kids(Kuya Kim tone) mag u-update na ko!

Oh yeah, I'm not in my creative mind right now so this post will probably end up being nonsense. I need my shrooms! Where's the Amanita Muscaria when you need it? hehe, loko lang.

Lately I've been having consecutive dreams about my loves, Incubus.

First, was my dream about Jose. It went like this. I was in this place where Incubus will be arriving. I was squeezing in together with the other die-hard fans. It was so crowded, a lot of screaming here and there. I was at the very front.
Finally Jose Pasillas arrived, and I hurriedly ran towards him then we both fell. I stood up and he was still lying on the floor. He was very much in pain, and I was like "Uh oh." The security took him to a room, so I followed. The other guys were there and they didn't care much. Haha. The fans started giving me weird looks which says, "Oh great, look what you've done." something like that. I was so ashamed and guilty.

Second, I went to an Arctic Monkeys concert where their front act was Incubus. I was with my bro and sis. I was so excited, when we arrived, I cannot find my ticket and found out that I left it at home! The guys behind me was like, "Tsk tsk, sayang" then I went back home and got the ticket. It was insanely traffic, so when I got there, Arctic Monkeys was playing already, meaning, Incubus had finished. It was the worst feeling ever. But don't get me wrong, I love the Arctic Monkeys. I was so devastated. When I was looking around, guess who I saw sitting beside me? Brandon Boyd. I was shocked and quickly composed things to say. So, I took a deep breath, and I talked to him. So we talked and talked, flirted with him a little bit, took a lot of pictures. Yea, Brandon was keeping me company but I felt that he was trying to end our conversation a few times just 'cause he wanted to flirt with the girl beside him =(

Third, I couldn't be specific enough for this dream 'cause I don't completely remember it. This is what I remembered. I was watching their concert and I sat at the very first row. The venue was quite desert-ish. haha. I remember having a reaaallly bad day that day and to make things really ecstatic, Boyd started singing "The Warmth" then he went down the stage and started singing to me!
"...so don't let the world bring you down, not everybody here is that fucked up and cold..."
He even held my hand!

You guys are probably thinking, "Oh here she goes again with the nonsense Incubus stories.." hahaha. or not?

Do you love your mom? I know I do. I gave her a necklace and a ring for Mother's day. My sister gave her a clock which had a picture of herself back when she was still young and sexy. We call it the "Ma clock" hehehe.

Bakit lahat ng tao may SLR na? At kasama na ko dun. haha. One day, I promised myself that I will save money for an SLR that I want. Desidido na talaga ako, I started with P1000 in my cash box. When I went to our sala, BOOM! new SLR camera right in my face. My brother asked if we would like to buy it 'cause his friend needs quick money for his surgery so he sold his brand new SLR for P16k! Yes, P16k everyone. It's an Olympus E410. I searched it over the internet and the price was P20,000 - P25,000. So we bought it!

I am constantly reminding Dad to contact our cousin Harvey from the States to pick us up here and fly all together to the States, that didn't sound right? haha.
The plan was he'll pick up me and my sister then Dad and the rest will follow.
Guess I have to wait for another gazillion years again. I've been wanting this to happen since...Forever! I wanna go to Calabasas ;)

So, this summer, since I have nothing to do, I did Mom a favor and joined her with her dancing classes together with my sis. We took up Salsa and Swing. Para iba naman, di puro hip-hop. Haha. It's suprisingly fun =)

I haven't taken my review classes for college entrance exams yet, almost everyone in my batch is starting. Based on what my sister said, hindi naman kelangan mag-cram or kabahan or whatever. Relax lang daw. Entrance exam is not that bad daw. I think I'll be having one-on-one review sessions.

At dahil nakita ko sa TV na mag kamuka daw si Adrian Grenier at John Mayer, which is so not true, I remembered something that my Auntie told me, she told me that my cousin, Tanya from the States did a show with John Mayer. How cool is that? I'm not a fan of John Mayer but still, that's something big and I'm so proud of her. I remember back then when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I used to watch her shows at hotels together with her close friend Tin-Tin Gonzaga, which is known today as Toni Gonzaga. Hehe. Hi Efren! hahaha.

To end this post,
Ok so, I know it's not new year or anything so no reason for me to start a resolution but I've decided that I will stop my habit of 'panlalait', Seriously. I realized that it won't make me pretty or smart, etcetera etcetera. I'll stop it! I'll stop it! hehehe.

Here's something to make your day!

...and I did one myself!


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