Greetings Earthlings!

I am Beverly Kho living in North side, Manila.
My name means "Woman from the beaver meadow" which explains why I look like this.
I have once lived with Anne Frank back in the 1930's. I am allergic to powder and as a result, I have never felt non-sticky.
I have my own river named 'Emotion'. I have once felt isolated from this world and tried to fit in with the Egyptians.

If anybody has anymore questions beyond art, music, duplication, relevance, obsessions, literature,
heartbreak, disillusionment, love, death, the future, confusion, delusions, homosexuals, sleep machines,
mundanes, eco-friendly and vegetarians, please don't Google my name or ask your "friend who knows about me".
Call me at your Mom's house, I'll be there having a powder party.

Ok, enough about that. As you can see, this blog is filled with Incubus that's because
I AM a big big fan of them. I look up to them and they serve as my inspiration (Sometimes my distraction. Hi Brandon)

Besides BB and Incubus, I enjoy the sights of...

Oh, and by the way, if your not using Mozilla Firefox, you won't be able to view my posts.



"The world is a drought when out of love
Please come back to us
You're all of the above
I'm making a choice to be out of touch
Leave me be he said, he said, he said,
Leave me here in my stark, raving, sick, sad little world!"

"We're both aligned in framed of mind but circumstance has got us good
And now you’re seeing a side of me I wished no one ever would
Yeah, if it's right to pick a fight, we’re fingers in a sugar bowl
Love isn’t perfect, even diamonds start out as coal"

"Should I apologize
If what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?
Oh, did I crack your shell?
When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!"

"I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal
When will we learn? When will we change?
Just in time to see it all come down..."

"Was it something I said
Something I read and manifested that's getting you down
Don't you dare come to bed with that ambiguous look in your eye
I'd sooner sleep by an open fire and wake up fried"

"There's something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me twice that I was alive
And it reminded me that you're so worth the fight"

"Could there be a familiar ring every time I sing about.
Cycle the tears everything in life no doubt I, I.
Reiterate till my jaw is offset,
But I'll say it again anyway,
What you give is what you get!"

"I take a look around; it´s evident the scene has changed.
And there are times when I feel improved, improved upon the past.
Then there are times when I can´t seem to understand at all
and yes it seems as though I´m goin nowhere...
really fucking fast, nowhere fast."

"I'm thinking of my soul severity
And I know everything you hate in me
Fill me up with over-pious badgerate
Throw them up; one of my favorite things"

"I hear you on the radio
You permeate my screen, its' unkind but
If I met you in a scissor fight
I'd cut off both your wings on principle alone"

"Hello!? I'm trying to focus
But my eyes deceive me.
Focus. I'm witnessing history...repeating."

"Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,
would, in the blink of an eye, manifest and become illustrated.
You'd be sure man that every line drawn reflected a life that you loved
not an existence that you hated.
So, must we demonstrate that we can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture, now we're drowning in the paint.
Let's figure out what the fuck it's about,
before the picture we painted chews us up and spits us out."

"There'd be no one to answer to
and complicate our lives,
we could be
the epitome of self sufficience."

"It isn't fair to mention, but it awes the crowd
Your fictional, plastic alibi
So take another hit, steal another line
Did you ever meet a leech who was good at goodbyes?"

"In my fantasy, I’m a Pantomime
I'll just move my hands and everyone sees what I mean
Words are too messy, and it’s way past time
To end in my mouth paint my face white and tried
To reinvent the sea, one wave a time
Speak without my voice and see the world by candlelight"

"I saw you standing in my headlights
I thought I’d run you down for the weight you left on me
Instead I punched rewind, reversed and drove away
And seeing you disappear in my rear view
brought to me the word 'reciprocity'"

"You stare at me like I'm a vitamin.
On the surface you hate,
but you know you need me.
I come dressed as any pill you deem fit.
Whatever helps you swallow the truth
all the more easily"

"My secret arsenal
is an infinite, ageless inkwell
it's a fountian of youth
and a patriot's weapon of choice."

"Enough bowing down to disillusion
Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution
The ripple effect is too good not to mention
If you're not affected, you’re not paying attention
It's too good, it's too good, not to have an effect"

"I see you in line, dragging your feet
you have my sympathy.
The day you were born, you were born free.
That is your privilege."

"Mend this careless thread, it's gone askew
(Thread on my sweater is pendulous, step back and pull it
Watch it unravel faster than a speeding bullet)"

"I'm at the end of my report again
For those who won't do apathy
You had the perfect opportunity
But plead the fifth and walked away"

"What if I was just dreaming? What if I lived in a pear?
What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg."

"Disconnect and let me drift until my upside down is right side in
Society must let the artist go to wander off into the nebula"

"Two weeks without my lover,
I'm in this boat alone
Floating down a river named Emotion
Will I make it back to shore or drift into the unknown."

"If this is right, I'd rather be wrong.
If this is sight, I'd rather be blind."

"Out of line, and indivisible
A crow left of the murder
Every piece contains a map of it all"

"You came, you saw, you conquered...everyone
And I'm left here guessing
Oh what went wrong"

"Kiss the sand goodbye because
the tide is coming up and in
yeah, water, water, water everywhere
and every chance to sink!"

"High fives to a better judgment
By saying less today, I will gain more
Low twos to you my fickle friend
Who brought the art of silent war"

"Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people fall in love and find quicksand
I hover somewhere in between
I swear…
I can’t make up my mind."

"Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you
Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap and the net will appear."

"I dream
that someday we'll be able to look back
on this together and say
It was for the best and that it
made us stronger today."

"All of my life
Where have you been
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comes
I know we could win
I wonder if I'll ever see you again."

"He said Hey Sister.
It’s really really nice to meet ya.
I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who’s just my type.
I like the way he’s speaking his confidence is peaking.
Don’t like his baggy jeans but Imma like what’s underneath it.
And no I aint been to MIA
I heard that Cali never rains and New York heart awaits.
First let’s see the west end.
I’ll show you to my bridrens.
I’m likin' this American Boy. American Boy."

"You better think fast, think fast
'Cause you never know what's coming round the bend.
You better not blink, or breathe.
For consequence is a bigger word than you think."

"Put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lover's lips
And know that fate is what you make of it."

"'Cause' what I want
and what I need
is and will always be free."





Sunday, May 17, 2009 ' 12:03 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Truth be told I miss you and truth be told I'm lying!

This music video pretty much reminds me the differences me and Ana likes in guys. Haha!
Watch it and guess who's mine? HAHA. Kidding Ana!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 ' 1:54 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Strange dream is to strange girl

I thought it was real I really did!! HAHAHA.
I just had this short bad dream. Not really the worse but well, it was bad. Hahaha.

Ok, you know how dreams are right? They get all blur and skip and stuff?
So yeah, mine started a bit odd:

I was included in this season's "The Bachelor". I think it was held here in the Philippines or IT IS "Bachelor Philippines" (Well that's a nightmare right there). I was falling in line and this guy in front of me was talking to this other guy. They were chit chatting about how fat I was and that I shouldn't be there 'coz there were lots of pretty women around and that they didn't need a fat ass like me. Something like that. So I just ignored and went straight to the elevator. Inside the elevator was THE bachelor. He was surrounded by girls so I couldn't see a glimpse of his face. Finally I peeked in the swarm of girls and found out that the bachelor was the guy talking shit about me earlier. Great. Worse part is, there's no backing out and I do have to mingle with the douche until the show ends.


Oh, and here's something to reverse the mood:

My little brother, Baron imitating my type of guy. Adorable huh?

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Monday, May 11, 2009 ' 10:19 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Laziness and daydreams

Hello fine feathered friends!
I believe I haven't posted something un-celebrity / BB related? Forgive me for I have lost my blogging skills. Well partly.

This happens whenever I feel like I'm in the need to blog:

"To blog or not to blog?"
"Ooh brownies!"
*Eats the food and forgets about the updating*

I need to do something quick before I turn into a huge asian sasquatch!


Ok, as you may already now, I am spending my whole entire college life in De La Salle University Manila. I am so ecstatic. The fact that I was expecting to be studying in mediocrity of DLSU-Benilde. (No offense)
But, I said to myself that I will be focusing more on the studies and less on how many hotties are on my block.

So tell me, what's it like being in college?
Are there gonna be bullies? preps? geeks? or my favorite, jocks? (Ugh.)
Or does it even matter? Will they take my lunch money?

Hahaha. As if that happens in reality! Wait, does it?
Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, will I survive college? Will my expectations occur? Or will my plans succeed?
Well, I'm up for anything as long as I don't get kicked out due to low grades, absences and over-partying. Yikes! No waaaay.

1 week from now, I'll be cramming, researching, and maybe arguing with the snooze button again. Hooray!
Ok, this summer has got to be my most unproductive summer. Well, last year doesn't give any difference.

Having nothing to do almost every day makes me want to DO nothing.
I haven't done even one thing from my list of 'Things to do this summer'.
Yey! hello, unproductive me.

It's like the outside world is calling me like a nagging spouse:

"B, have you showered today?"
"B, have you exercised yet?"
"B, have you went to somewhere exciting?"

"B...come into my arms and squeeze me like a mostly tamed Grizzly bear. I will likely just hug you back. But there's always the chance that you'll get your feathers ruffled."
"Yes, dear." (Smiles warmly as she presses her turned face into his knowing and almost always safe embrace. A sense of calm and warmth envelopes her, she remembers how lovely this is and lets out a deep sigh.)

Just thought of day dreaming to release the lunacy inside of me.
K, bye.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009 ' 10:25 AM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

"Lover, can you help me?..."

"Black Heart Inertia" has it's music video up already! Aaaah! Good to see B and the guys doing what they do best again.

Connection alert!

Ok, I die.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009 ' 8:59 PM
I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away...

Drop -- Tokyo culture magazine

I've recently discovered this Japanese online magazine called Drop.
Their outfits are OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL (In a way). And when I say outrageous, I mean pink hair, stuffed toys literally sticked in their clothing, geisha looking "casual" wear, eye wear that are...I don't even know how to explain, etcetera etcetera. Some are a little toned down though, not everything is wild. Mostly.

Here are some of the people that really caught my eye:
(Not my favorites, but those that well...caught my eye! Haha)

And here are some of my favorites!

■Name:今村 真理子  ■Age:23  ■Occupation:会社員  ■Jacket:LIMI feu  ■Cut-and-sewn:LIMI feu  ■Pants:LIMI feu  ■Shoes:LIMI feu  ■Accessory:ヒステリックス  ■Favorite brands:LIMI feu 

*I'm digging the whole pale, Mortisha Adams look

■Name:北野かれん  ■Age:18  ■Occupation:学生  ■Jacket:作った  ■Pants:作った  ■Bag:こうべの・・・  ■Favorite brands:MISS SIXTY

*Sleek and clean with an edge!

■Name:Jenna  ■Age:17  ■Occupation:Model  ■Jacket:UT(Tokyo)  ■Cut-and-sewn:Forever21(new york)  ■Pants:Top Shop(Tokyo)  ■Shoes:Red Wing(The netherland)  ■Hat:H&M(The netherland)  ■Sunglasses:Ray Ban(vintage)  ■Bag:H&M(The netherland)  ■Favorite shops:Top shop&Forever21  ■Favorite brands:Top shop

*Common but still works for me.

■Name:カネコ ヨシヒロ  ■Age:24  ■Occupation:美容師  ■Jacket:FRED PERRY  ■Shirt:NAT NEST  ■Pants:Dior Homme  ■Shoes:Bucchus  ■Accessory:Bottega Veneta,CHANEL  ■Favorite shops:UNION  ■Favorite brands:EAST WEST 

*Very brit pop. Love it.

■Name:紅蘭  ■Occupation:日美夜間  ■Jacket:LDS  ■Shirt:D&G  ■Pants:Sister  ■Shoes:UC  ■Bag:corto  ■Favorite shops:UC  ■Favorite brands:UC,corto

*The blazzzzeeerrr♥


*The hat completes the look.

■Name:TOMO  ■Occupation:ヘアメイクアシスタント/CANDY

*Happy and gay! Pop art!

■Name:MADEMOISELLE YULIA  ■Age:21  ■Occupation:DJ/GIZA  ■Jacket:KTZ  ■Shirt:KTZ  ■Pants:American Apparel  ■Shoes:KTZ  ■Accessory:GIZA  ■Favorite shops:Faline,Yes  ■Favorite brands:GIZA,Jeremy,bernhard willhelm,KTZ 

*The blue hair and the printed dress goes well together!

■Name:YOON  ■Occupation:BBC/AMBUSH  ■Jacket:VINTAGE  ■Shirt:JEREMY SCOTT  ■Pants:HOUSE OF HOLLAND  ■Shoes:
PRADA  ■Accessory:AMBUSH  ■Bag:KTZ

*This looks like it was taken during the 80's!

■Name:男成 公平  ■Age:21  ■Occupation:アシスタント  ■Cut-and-sewn:KTZ  ■Pants:ヘンリック  ■Shoes:adidas  ■Bag:ヘンリック  ■Favorite shops:CANDY  ■Favorite brands:KTZ


■Name:2BOY/コタキ  ■Jacket:MILK BOY/古着  ■Cut-and-sewn:ROCSTAR/UNDER COVER  ■Pants:TSUBI/古着  ■Shoes:ICE CREAM/LAKAI  ■Accessory:AMBUSH/  ■Favorite shops:XANADU/426  ■Favorite brands:DRESSEDUNDRESSED/ナカノ

*The laughter in the pic just makes the whole aura even great.

■Name:タムラ/Iccho  ■Age:22/21  ■Occupation:ニート/法政Irish  ■Jacket:赤×白/USED  ■Cut-and-sewn:青/AMERICAN APPAREL  ■Pants:OP/USED  ■Shoes:赤/YSL  ■Accessory:500円/USED  ■Sunglasses:500円/USED  ■Favorite brands:ADAM KIMMEL/JUNYA WATANABE

*Weird but I love it

■Name:taito/kei  ■Age:23/27  ■Occupation:アパレル  ■Cut-and-sewn:NLLY/  ■Dress:/OP・Motel  ■Pants:NLLY/  ■Shoes:アレン/CONVERS  ■Accessory:Vintage(beruf)/Vintage・Telemets solo  ■Hat:CA4LA/SLY  ■Sunglasses:/TOP SHOP  ■Bag:Vintage(beruf)/インポート  ■Favorite shops:ラムホール・beruf

*CUTE. My favorite.

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